Calling all senior cricketers

Published: Thursday, 19 July 2018

Bucks run two sides at Over 50 and Threes sides at Over 60 and all play in National competitions in midweek. All matches are 45 overs per side and are played on some of the best grounds. Qualification begins at 49 and 59 respectively and we are looking to strengthen and lengthen our squads. We are competitive in all matches and most of the players come from club cricket. Delighted as we are to play against them, there are very few ex -pros, even in the 1st class counties, so you can be sure that you will be able to cope!

Contact Roger Garrini 07927199468 if you are interested  
alternatively John Rolfe  07976 297370 or Ron Hedley  07710 987950 for Over60s and 
Temoor Alam  07771 525755 or Steve White 07714 242629 for Over 50s

We will need full details: DoB, address post code and place of birth for registration purposes.